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A Dog's Guide to Being Human

By Shanna Silva

Illustrated by Agnes Arnoult

A hilarious and heartwarming picture book sharing a dog's hard-earned wisdom about living a happy life.
My humans have brought home a tiny baby. It is up to me to teach her how to fit in!
Smudge has a new family member: a baby girl. And he has a LOT to teach her about fitting in with the humans. Like don't drink from the toilet (the humans don't like it). But DO share your snacks (especially with Smudge). And make as many friends as you can--yes, even the occasional cat. There's so much to go through, but as Smudge knows, it's every good dog's job to welcome home their family.

Hi, I'm Drake! My mom has a book called A Dog's Guide to Being Human. I think it's about me! Woof!


Hannah's Hanukkah Hiccups

By Shanna Silva

Illustrated by Bob McMahon

Hannah has hiccups that won't stop and they might spoil her chance for a solo in her play. Her well meaning neighbors suggest strange cures from their own cultures. Will anything work in time?

Passover Scavenger Hunt cover (2).jpg

Passover Scavenger Hunt

By Shanna Silva

Illustrated by Miki Sakamoto

Rachel has a plan. Instead of the same tired afikomen hiding places that her uncle chooses every Seder, she wants to design a Passover Scavenger Hunt with clues and puzzle pieces leading up to the ultimate reveal.


Real Family

By Shanna Silva

Shanna has written nearly 60 hi/lo fiction and non-fiction books such as this one. A hi/lo book is age appropriate content written in low reading levels for emerging readers or those learning English. Shanna is especially proud to write these books and play a part in fostering a love of reading and stories for struggling readers.

-  Books for Grown Ups Featuring Shanna's Work-
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